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The Ridge (Beach Lot)
@ Nasacosta Resort & Residences

Let your home stand where privacy, comfort, and tranquility are its foundation. Have your own modern tropical dream home here. All homes will be of modern tropical look and feel contributing cohesiveness to the whole community . Nasacosta gives you the peace of mind you and your family deserve!

The ridge at Nasacosta Resort and Residences.png

The name  NASACOSTA means "at the lady by the sea" -coined from a combination of the Filipino word “nasa” which connotes “at the” and the Spanish word “costa’ or ”coast” in English which pertains to the “land by the sea”. NASACOSTA as a name was chosen for its simplicity and easy recall, symbolic of the purpose of the development which is to bring people back to the times when life was simple and basic.

the ridge beach lot at nasacosta resort and residences.png


Brgy. Natipuan, Nasugbu Batangas

Located along a strip of carved beachfront adjacent to high-end developments Kawayan Cove, Terrazas de Punta Fuego, Tali Beach, Maya-Maya Yacht Club – within the specific areas officially declared as tourism zones.

the ridge beach lot at nasacosta resort and residences.png

Development Components:

the peaks at nasacosta - batangas beach condo.jpg
the peaks - batangas beach condo.png

Proposed Amenities (The Ridge)

• Landscaped entrance gate

• Concrete Roads & Gutters

• 24/7 security
• Tree-lined streets

• Perimeter Wall
• Underground drainage system

• Deep well water supply with 50,000-liter overhead water tank

• BATELEC Electrical supply

the ridge beach lot at nasacosta resort and residences.jpg

Major Selling Points

• Residential lots within walking distance to the beach

• Child, elderly, vehicle-friendly, gently-sloping terrain

• Condominium buildings are elevated to give a panoramic view of either the amenities or the nature surrounding the project

• Competitive value appreciation
• Living by the beach offers a lot of tangible and intangible benefits

the ridge beach lot at nasacosta resort and residences.png

Approximate Distance to Popular Landmarks:

  • 117 km south of Metro Manila from Kilometer Zero

  • 87.3 km from Makati South Luzon Expressway (via

    Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway)

  • 53.9 km from Tagaytay Rotunda

  • 22. 7 km from Kaybiang Tunnel

the ridge beach lot at nasacosta resort and residences.png

As of March 24 2022

Price per sqm. = from Php 19,600

Minimum Lot Area: 256 sqm.

Financing: Bank

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